Cooking With Coral

Portchester Community Centre

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Portchester Community Centre

Does your child or young person enjoy cooking and baking but struggle to cope with the pressure of a group setting because there is often too many children, noises and smells resulting in sensory overload? Or maybe they struggle to maintain focus and require support and regular breaks at a pace suited for them?

Our cooking sessions are a fab opportunity to improve your child's life skills whilst helping them to face their sensory issues around food, possibly even opening their minds to trying new foods whilst in a friendly, low stimulus and relaxed environment.

We have hired a room at Portchester Community Centre where they are taught by a professional cookery teacher. There will also be Fass trustees helping to make the session run smoothly.

This year we have 4 sessions arranged for this location but other locations are available on Eventbrite. Usually two recipies will be cooked and during a break between them the children can be accompanied by their parents to a small park for a run around or play a few quiet games.

Cost £ 8.00 per child. Please bring a container to take your cookery home.

At FASS, we fully understand that at times it can be difficult for our children to interact with others within a controlled environment. Although FASS co-ordinate and provide access to activities and take every precaution to prevent risks through our Safeguarding Policy, we however do not hold any responsibility for the safeguarding, welfare or behaviour of any individual including children. We expect parents and carers who use our service to adequately supervise their own children to ensure that every member using our service are able to play fairly, happily and safely.


Portchester Community Centre
Westlands Grove
PO16 9AD


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