With Inflatables at Fareham Leisure Centre

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With Inflatables at Fareham Leisure Centre

If you struggle to go swimming with your family, either because it is too busy, too stressful or too noisy then this is perfect for you.

Enjoy 1-hour exclusive swimming at Fareham Leisure Centre. We have hired the large pool and this will include the inflatables and floats.

If you are not wanting to swim but wish to just watch, there is a seated area overlooking the pool. There will be lifeguards present but only allow your child in the pool on their own if they are proficient swimmers.

Please make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before to ensure you are ready to enter the pool for 5.45 pm pm.

Rules for Inflatables.
The inflatables are situated in the deep end of the pool. Your child must be over 8 and a strong swimmer. If your children are wanting to go the inflatables they must be over 8 and able to swim, if not they will need to use a life jacket. Fareham Leisure Centre always asks swimmers to demonstrate they can swim by swimming a length. Your child will only ever need to do this once. If they are autistic and testing them would put them under too much stress this can be avoided by you signing a disclaimer to say they are over 8, are strong swimmers and that you will be swimming next to the inflatable to help them. Any questions please ask

At FASS, we fully understand that at times it can be difficult for our children to interact with others within a controlled environment. Although FASS co-ordinate and provide access to activities and take every precaution to prevent risks through our Safeguarding Policy, we, however, do not hold any responsibility for the safeguarding, welfare or behaviour of any individual including children. We expect parents and carers who use our service to adequately supervise their own children to ensure that every member using our service are able to play fairly, happily and safely.


Fareham Leisure
Park Lane
PO16 7JU


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